What Will Happen To Your Money, Photos, Online Accounts, Social Media Profiles, etc… When You Die Or Get Sick?

If you don’t take the necessary precautions now, you may be shocked at what can happen later!

Do you participate on social media? Do you have a collection of digital family photos? Do you have accounts that are automatically payed month to month? Does anyone know how to access these accounts in your absence? And what if the wrong person were to successfully get access to your account?

Who else but you knows about your online accounts and can access them in your absence? NO ONE?

Don’t wait to become another story….

Tragedy Strikes Up and Coming Musician


Jerry, 22 year old musician and music student, loved what he did; creating music. He wrote all of his own songs, words and music. One day Jerry began the day just like any other. While on his drive to school, a car came out of nowhere and hit him head on. After several touch and go days in the hospital, he passed away.

Along with his music, Jerry was an avid social media user. Posting lots of music and photographs on Facebook and Instagram. Jerry’s family wanted to save his music and maybe get it published one day as a tribute to him.

But how? They had no idea how to login to his computer, no less his social media accounts. How will they be able to get the music and photos they so deeply want?

Because they do not have access to his computer and are not able to login to his accounts. Other than asking his friends if they have any of his music, it is a lost cause.          


Major Heart Surgery Caused a Long Hospital Stay

James, a father of 3 and the breadwinner in the family became ill. After going to the emergency room, he ended up being admitted to the hospital. They did not know what was wrong with him.

After several days of different tests, it was determined that James would need heart surgery. He would be in the hospital for several days after surgery recovering. Well surgery was not as easy as they thought. James ended up staying in the hospital for a month. He was then sent to rehab so he could regain his strength. All in all, James ended up being out of commission for two months.

Money was not an issue. He had a salary coming in from his job. However, paying the bills was a problem. Since James paid all bills online, his wife had no idea what to pay and when. He tried to tell her what websites to go to and how to log into his accounts. That did not go smoothly. Apparently he could not remember all of the correct passwords. Bills would just have to get paid late this time.

Had this emergency been any more intensive, causing him to stay in the hospital longer, something would have to be figured out. Likely they would have to call every utility and credit card company to figure out how to get access to the account, determine what was owed and how to temporarily pay the bills. A very time consuming and frustrating process.

Family Loses the Precious Memories Mom Stored Online


Sally was your everyday mom. As her kids were growing up she took tons of pictures (digital photos). She also documented her kids lives by scrapbooking. She was a digital scrapbooker. This means she designed photo pages on her computer. The digital photos were also stored on her computer. Both the scrapbook pages and photos were backed up from her computer to her cloud account provided with her Amazon Prime account.

She loved to share the memories on her scrapbook pages with her kids. It is fun going back in time and remembering different events, birthdays and vacations. Her kids loved it just as much as her. Sally was doing the right thing by backing up all of her photos and scrapbook pages to her cloud account.

Some time ago Sally became ill. After lots of testing, she found out that she had cancer. She learned that she would undergo chemotherapy. This would eventually render her very tired and not feeling well. She would have to be away from her computer for a time to beat this debilitating illness.

During the time she was fighting for her life, she decided to jot down a few notes for her family just in case she was not able to get back to her love of scrapbooking. She wrote down all of the sites she could think of that held her precious work. The only problem was that she could not remember her passwords. Days, weeks and months went by without her being able to work up the energy to log onto the computer and figure out those pesky passwords.

It eventually became clear that she would not win the fight and she passed away.

Her kids wanted to look back on all of the wonderful memories their mom put together over the years, but they could not figure out how to get on the websites that held her scrapbooking pages and photos.

It is sad to know that all that precious time and memories will be lost,


Nobody likes to think about the worst, but by ignoring it now… you’re setting yourself (and your family) up for a potential nightmare.


Jerry, James, Sally and their families were not thinking about their online accounts, social media profiles and photos as the valuable assets that they are. However, with our lives becoming more and more intertwined online, it’s becoming more and more important to think of your online assets just as you would your valuable physical assets.

Help your family feel confident about getting access to your online assets when you are no longer able to get to them yourself. Give them peace of mind knowing family photos can be retrieved and saved for years to come. Your social media accounts can be memorialized on your behalf or closed based on your wishes.

The simple system found in DOCUMENT YOUR DIGITAL FOOTPRINT helps you uncover all of the online accounts you own as well as helps you determine all of the information necessary to log in to each of those accounts.

Imagine the relief you will provide to your family when they have all of your information written down and attached to your will or put it in a safe place should the need arise. No more worrying about how the bills will get paid or who will take care of them. No more stressing about lost family photos. No more wondering about your most important asset…banking information.

  • What will happen to your online accounts when you can no longer access them?
  • What will happen to your precious digital photos when you are gone?
  • Who knows about all of your digital data, music, books, photos and other important information on your computer?
  • If someone does know about your digital files, do they know where they are stored and how to access them?
  • Do you participate in social media? What do you want to happen to your accounts when you pass on?
The DOCUMENT YOUR DIGITAL FOOTPRINT workbook is a simple system that will:
  • Give you peace of mind – You will go through a process to uncover all of your online accounts and the necessary information needed to access them.
  • Eliminate headaches – Once you determine all of the online accounts and information necessary to access them, you will create a Digital Will, a document that determines how to handle each account.
  • Reduce Stress – Assign a Digital Executor to handle your affairs when you can no longer do it yourself. Whether it is to step in and pay bills, close online accounts or memorialize a social media account, the Digital Executor can access your Digital Will and handle all your accounts as you have specified.

Here is what you will get:

  • A 50 page workbook that includes worksheets you can fill in online, or print out to write on.
  • An Excel spreadsheet representation of worksheets. Use whichever format works best for you.
  • Bonus: Companion files to print out if you need more room to document all of your accounts.

You can get all of this information today for just one payment of $19. Yes, that correct,  $19.

For the price of a dinner you can get peace of mind and never have to worry about who will take care of your digital footprint when you are not able to do so.

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For less than $20 you’ll have instant peace of mind about any risks, or unnecessary stress and hassles
for your family. Secure your accounts today… because “life happens” to someone…every single day!


You’ve made a will, protected your assets and given directions for what you want done with your physical possessions. You also have a digital life, protect it too! The DOCUMENT YOUR DIGITAL FOOTPRINT workbook is perfect even if you only have minor decisions to make about your digital assets, like deciding whether to memorialize your FB page or take it down; or ensuring your spouse knows how to access your electronically paid bills to keep the lights on when you are gone. It’s downright essential if you have extensive digital assets, like trading accounts or an online shop or blogging empire! Most lawyers are only now waking up to the need for digital asset protection and if you don’t provide them with this information, it won’t be included in your will or directives. This workbook puts all of your critical information in one place where it can be given to your lawyer for inclusion in a will, placed in your safe or safety deposit box on a flash drive for safe keeping or given to a trusted friend or family member to carry out your instructions.

Chances are you have not even thought about what to do about your digital assets and until recently I hadn’t either. Helping my best friend sort her father’s affairs after his death clued me in to how much this product is really needed. Without it, we had to sort through every scrap of paper in the house, vitally important information was mixed with old grocery lists and scribbled notes. She had to get court orders and provide endless copies of death certificates to access digital assets that she could have taken care of easily if we had had access to this workbook! A big concern is that we may have missed assets because we had to piece things together from what we could find on his computer, in notebooks and just lying around the house. Having all of his information in one place in the safe or at the bank would have saved much of the two years we spent settling the estate.

Take care of your loved ones by managing your digital properties as well as your physical ones. I suggest filling this workbook out and keeping it on a flash drive in your home safe or safety deposit box, making sure your family knows what it is. Even better, fill out the workbook and take it to your lawyer’s office. Don’t leave your digital legacy to chance!

Shawn Morris

Cukierski Family, Healing Mind, Body and Soul

DOCUMENT YOUR DIGITAL FOOTPRINT is must read info for anyone who does business online. I’m looking forward to implementing the helpful advice I learned in the coming year and bringing some peace to my digital chaos. Marya Mesa

Owner, The Chronic Mom Life Blog

I absolutely love this comprehensive guide of all the information someone else would need in order to tidy up or finalize your online affairs.

The documentation is well-thought out and is the perfect solution for gathering and conveniently maintaining vital information.

Doing a few sections a day will help you toward making sure all of your digital assets are accounted for, and easily accessible to the one you designate to handle your final affairs.

This is a gift you can give to yourself now that assures peace of mind later.

Anita Johnson

Expert Help Desk Support

The DOCUMENT YOUR DIGITAL FOOTPRINT workbook is essential. I found the workbook to be an easy read and the instructions were well written. At first glance, it seemed overwhelming, however, it kept me engaged and the way the links to the fillable pages are incorporated is genius. I highly recommend the Document Your Digital Footprint workbook, it’s a vault of value. L Tomay Douglas

Click on the ORDER NOW button below for immediate access to the DOCUMENT YOUR DIGITAL FOOTPRINT workbook.

For less than $20 you’ll have instant peace of mind about any risks, or unnecessary stress and hassles
for your family. 
Secure your accounts today… because “life happens” to someone…every single day!