7 Tips to Get the Most Out Of Attending Business Conferences

7 Tips to Get the Most Out Of Attending Business Conferences

Business conferencesSome entrepreneurs go to business conferences every chance they get. Others feel so intimidated that they never step out to see how attending a business conferences can help their business. I have found that attending conferences really do help entrepreneurs in many different areas. For that entrepreneur who works alone, getting out and seeing others (in person) proves that you are not alone. There are others, just like you, working on learning, building and growing their business.

Here are some sure fire things to do at business conferences to get the most out of your attendance.

1. Network. Network. Network. 

Talk to everyone. Make sure you take the time to get to know other attendees. Introduce yourself, ask them about their business and then share how your business can serve them or others they know. Listen to other others with sincerity and interest. Grab a coffee with someone. Go to lunch or dinner with some new contacts or even ones you already know. Who knows? That person you are talking to may become your next best business associate, partner or client!

2. Wear your nametag.

Wearing your name tag will help you with networking. Other attendees will have an easier time remembering your name and you will have an easier time remembering theirs.

3. Bring plenty of business cards.

Once you have met another attendee and connected, share your business cards with each other so you can follow up and connect with them after the event.

4. Attend as many of the sessions as possible.

You are there to learn. Take notes and ask questions.

5. If there is a vendor area, visit the vendors.

Learn more about vendor products and offerings. This is also a great way to network. You never know when you will need that certain product.

6. Follow up with everyone you met at the event.

You met them in person, now solidify your relationship with each person so they will remember you. Send them an email once you return home and connect on social media.


Make sure to review your conference materials after the event is over. Make a list of what you learned and then take action. Put what you learned into practice! I mean, that’s why you went in the first place, right?

What are some actions you have taken at conferences that helped you get the most out of it?


Have you considered your digital afterlife?

Have you considered your digital afterlife?

Lately I have been reading alot about what happens to your online accounts after you pass away.

I began to think about my online usage and how many accounts I actually have out there. What will happen to them all? And what about all of the automatic renewals I pay for? If I don’t tell someone about them and something happens to me, they will keep on renewing year after year? And how will my family pay the bills? They have no idea what bills are even out there. I decided to do something about it. I am working on a project what will help me document everything for them.

Have you, a relative or a friend run into anything like this? What were the problems? How was it handled? Please comment here or contact me. I would love to talk to you about it.

LastPass offers an Emergency Access option

LastPass offers an Emergency Access option

DIgital Asset ProtectionIf something happened to you, do you know what will happen to all of your online accounts? Well, for a short while, money will continue to be deducted from your bank account for services you are no longer using. The possibility of someone hacking into an online account of yours and making purchases on your behalf is always there. How about someone hacking into your email account and learning your password information to your bank account? They would probably bleed your dry.

Something like this actually did happen. I read this story the other day about a gentleman who’s email account got hacked. The hacker found out login information to his investment account. You know where this is going, right? Do yourself a favor and start organizing your digital life.

One way to start organizing your online assets is to use a Password Manager to gather all of your accounts and login information into a central place. Password Managers do a LOT more than this but this is one of the great parts about using them. Two of the most popular ones are LastPass and Roboform. I use both of them for different purposes. LastPass has a free version as well as Premium and Enterprise versions.

LastPass just recently updated their software to incorporate an Emergency Access feature. This allows you to designate someone to take over your account if something happens to you. I call this person your digital executor. Your digital executor, when you configure the option, will receive an email from LastPass. They are given the ability to request access to your account, in your absence. They will be given access to your accounts and passwords without having to know your master password. Once they get access they can use LastPass to log in to your accounts and pay bills, close accounts or do whatever is necessary at the time.

I highly suggest you start investing some time into your online account management. You just never know what will happen day to day. And should something extreme happen, your family will be happy to know that someone was designated to take care of these things for you.

Check out LastPass at www.lastpass.com.

♪♫ You were always on my mind…

♪♫ You were always on my mind…

Maybe I didn’t love you
Quite as often as I could have
And maybe I didn’t treat you
Quite as good as I should have
If I made you feel second best
Girl I’m sorry I was blind
You were always on my mind
You were always on my mind

Willie Nelson

Don’t let this be the song that runs through your head when your hard drive suddenly turns belly up! What? Don’t have a backup? Didn’t you know that backing up your computer is one of the most important steps to take for your girl…I mean computer!

This is a followup to my previous post which was about getting digitally organized. Starting here is my first recommendation. Backups are extremely important, personally and especially for your business. You don’t want to lose your files forever because of a computer burp. You especially do not want to lose important business documents and have to waste time and money trying to recover your files and rebuilding your computer.

A number of years ago, I didn’t think I needed a backup. I was doing a lot of work on my computer and storing all of my digital photos! Then, BAM! I got hit with a hard drive crash and of course I did not have a backup. That cost me a years worth of my then young son’s life in pictures. It killed me. I was so upset. I actually still own the drive today. One day maybe I will be able to recover it.

Since then, I have been using a backup procedure. In my opinion, two backups are your safest bet; 1) Backup to a local hard drive, 2) Backup to the cloud. If something goes wrong with one solution at least you have another way to get your files restored.

Since that time I have been using a service called Carbonite. There are several options to this service. You can backup the main files you use on a daily basis, like Word and Excel files, photos and music. You also have the option of backing up and external hard drive or even creating a mirror drive should your computer fail.

There are several other cloud based backup services out there. I have heard of Backup Blaze and Mozy and some others use Dropbox and Google Drive. You can also do a manual back up to the Amazon cloud which gives unlimited free space if you are a Prime user. I prefer the backup specific applications as they give you a lot of options and even the ability to access your files remotely and automatically do your backups for you. You can basically set it and forget it until the day you may need it.

Start on this right away! Don’t let lost files be “always on your mind!” Treat your computer like your best friend. Hug it…treat it right…and don’t make it feel like second best.

Online/Digital Spring Cleaning

Online/Digital Spring Cleaning

April always brings on thoughts of Spring Cleaning…..and this always takes some time! Have you started your spring cleaning yet?

digital-spring-cleaningSpring cleaning brings a sense of calm and a feeling of security. You know that everything is clean, organized and where it needs to be. When thinking about spring cleaning, most people think physically. Moving furniture, getting rid of the old, cleaning pantries, going through boxes of paperwork, etc. Have you ever given thought to the online or digital side of spring cleaning?

There are tons of digital or online facets of your business or personal life that need to be kept clean and organized. Think about it….

How about your

  • digital photos
  • hard drive
  • email inbox
  • password lists
  • contacts on your phone and in your email
  • subscriptions (magazines, online groups, memberships)
  • computer backups
  • desk and office area

and probably lots of others. These are the areas you should concentrate on first.  My next few blog posts will speak in more detail to these areas. I will give you specific “spring cleaning” information for each of the items I have listed so you can get yourself “spring cleaned” and digitally organized. Make sure you come back to read all about it.

So do you have a spring cleaning methodology? Does it involve any of your business/online or digital activities? Which ones?