Systematizing is not that difficult, but it does take some time, evaluation, reviews, meetings and more. However, once it’s done, you can follow a step by step process to get it down. In fact, YOU will no longer need to get it done. You can delegate it to someone else. They will get it done exactly the same as you did!

Sounds pretty cool right? Deciding where and how to start requires you review your day to day business. What are some things that you do that are repetitive. These are things that you do, daily, weekly, monthly, but are the same task all the time.

Your systems may be in the area of onboarding clients, onboarding contractors or employees, customer support, social media, there are so many tasks that can be systematized. This SweetProcess blog post talks about the best areas of your business to systematize first.

Let me know what you think! Where will you start?