digital assetsDigital Assets are a very real and valuable asset. They are not assets that are tangible and able to be held and touched. A digital asset is something that is intangible; something that cannot be touched or felt. For most of us millennials, most of our possessions growing up were physical objects able to be held and interacted with. This included things like music on vinyl, tape or cd, books, photographs that were printed from film, etc. Today, these things translate into digital photos, digital music, digital movies, digital books, online accounts and social media.

Some of these things are not necessarily valuable in the same way as a diamond ring but in valuable in a sentimental way. Others are valuable in a monetary way. Are you a writer? Do you write for a living? My best guess is that your writing is done electronically and not by using an old typewriter. Are you an artist or musician? How about a photographer? Do you photograph special events? I am sure you do not process film. Its all digital now.

And what about your online accounts? I am sure you have heard about all of the account hacking going on. Do you have online accounts that you no longer use anymore? Are they still active? Do they contain any personal information? If they are active and contain information that someone could use, I would recommend closing those accounts out and have them removed. Can you imagine the trouble that could be found if some of your personal information got leaked or hacked (stolen)?

Another valuable digital asset is social media. Social media profiles and posts contain lots of personal information. These accounts are very valuable to a lot of people. For one, you! You have pictures, memories and business information stored on social media. The hackers…they are always trying to hack accounts to gain access to your personal information. Make sure these accounts are tightly secured with a strong password.

Last but not least, since digital assets are part of our virtual world, how to you protect them. The best and first line to protecting your digital files is a backup. Backup your files, including digital photos, books and music purchased online, art or music you have created, whatever you have on your computer. I have a triple threat backup system. My important files like digital photos are manually copied from my computer to a separate external hard drive. The third part of the system is an automatic backup where my files are backed up to the cloud. I use Carbonite which is an application that is constantly checking my system for new or updated files. Once a file is found, it is instantly backed up. Safe and sound in three different places.

I would love to hear from you!

What kind of digital assets do you have? What do you do to secure your files?