depositphotos_14269523_smallI came across an article from that discusses 20 reasons why entrepreneurs start a business. It’s a pretty extensive list. That being said, the reason I started my business is not included.

I started my business to help other entrepreneurs. Since I’m a natural helper this seemed like the next step for me. Of course there are other reasons, like supplementing my income, college expenses, family and travel.

I began my business to help business owners grow their businesses in a way that will allow them to work less hours, spend more time with family or traveling, or whatever they desire. I offer them a way to document their daily tasks, in a way that allows them to outsource or hire someone else to do them. Basically get it out of their head and onto paper for someone else to do.

Go ahead and read the aforementioned article. I’m curious. Is your reason why listed? Comment below and tell us your WHY!