Business conferencesSome entrepreneurs go to business conferences every chance they get. Others feel so intimidated that they never step out to see how attending a business conferences can help their business. I have found that attending conferences really do help entrepreneurs in many different areas. For that entrepreneur who works alone, getting out and seeing others (in person) proves that you are not alone. There are others, just like you, working on learning, building and growing their business.

Here are some sure fire things to do at business conferences to get the most out of your attendance.

1. Network. Network. Network. 

Talk to everyone. Make sure you take the time to get to know other attendees. Introduce yourself, ask them about their business and then share how your business can serve them or others they know. Listen to other others with sincerity and interest. Grab a coffee with someone. Go to lunch or dinner with some new contacts or even ones you already know. Who knows? That person you are talking to may become your next best business associate, partner or client!

2. Wear your nametag.

Wearing your name tag will help you with networking. Other attendees will have an easier time remembering your name and you will have an easier time remembering theirs.

3. Bring plenty of business cards.

Once you have met another attendee and connected, share your business cards with each other so you can follow up and connect with them after the event.

4. Attend as many of the sessions as possible.

You are there to learn. Take notes and ask questions.

5. If there is a vendor area, visit the vendors.

Learn more about vendor products and offerings. This is also a great way to network. You never know when you will need that certain product.

6. Follow up with everyone you met at the event.

You met them in person, now solidify your relationship with each person so they will remember you. Send them an email once you return home and connect on social media.


Make sure to review your conference materials after the event is over. Make a list of what you learned and then take action. Put what you learned into practice! I mean, that’s why you went in the first place, right?

What are some actions you have taken at conferences that helped you get the most out of it?