DIgital Asset ProtectionIf something happened to you, do you know what will happen to all of your online accounts? Well, for a short while, money will continue to be deducted from your bank account for services you are no longer using. The possibility of someone hacking into an online account of yours and making purchases on your behalf is always there. How about someone hacking into your email account and learning your password information to your bank account? They would probably bleed your dry.

Something like this actually did happen. I read this story the other day about a gentleman who’s email account got hacked. The hacker found out login information to his investment account. You know where this is going, right? Do yourself a favor and start organizing your digital life.

One way to start organizing your online assets is to use a Password Manager to gather all of your accounts and login information into a central place. Password Managers do a LOT more than this but this is one of the great parts about using them. Two of the most popular ones are LastPass and Roboform. I use both of them for different purposes. LastPass has a free version as well as Premium and Enterprise versions.

LastPass just recently updated their software to incorporate an Emergency Access feature. This allows you to designate someone to take over your account if something happens to you. I call this person your digital executor. Your digital executor, when you configure the option, will receive an email from LastPass. They are given the ability to request access to your account, in your absence. They will be given access to your accounts and passwords without having to know your master password. Once they get access they can use LastPass to log in to your accounts and pay bills, close accounts or do whatever is necessary at the time.

I highly suggest you start investing some time into your online account management. You just never know what will happen day to day. And should something extreme happen, your family will be happy to know that someone was designated to take care of these things for you.

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